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Helping each individual reach his or her full potential
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The goal of all caregivers is to nurture their individual so that he or she reaches their full potential. Development and growth require patience and instruction, and linking them to helpful resources in the community will enable and foster independence. It is a team effort.

Throughout our history, we have continued to ask, “What can we do to encourage our individuals to reach their full potential as well as ensure their health and safety?” With collaboration, we have committed to doing just that. Of course, our role has evolved through the years, but we have continued to connect those with developmental disabilities and our direct service providers to provide the best quality of care. We at Your Home Health Agency embrace every individual’s distinct traits and provide premium support they and their families require.

Here are three basic components of the waiver programs that we used to guide our efforts:

  • HCB Services – Home and Community Based Services provide opportunities for Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their own home or community setting.
  • The Individual Service Plan is the document written by the Service Support Administrator that is the contract between the person and their provider and assures the health, safety, and welfare of the individual. This document is to be completed annually and updated as often as needed.
  • Least Restrictive Environment – the preferred environment for an individual with a developmental disability that allows him/her the greatest opportunity for personal growth and inclusion alongside his/her peers, to the greatest extent appropriate.


These are the words we live by for our individuals, their parents/guardians, and our staff. We offer a large array of supports.

Involving our individuals with their communities makes them cherish their communities and makes them feel that they are welcomed.

We listen to the individual’s goals and strive to make the meaningful connections for their success with the guidance of our administrative team and direct service providers.

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Developmental Disability Services

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